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Pachatusantrek Reservations Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Pachatusantrek, we ask you to read the following terms and conditions of the trip to establish the guidelines that we work within. Once we have received your request and deposit we will sign a contract, under the following conditions.

Reservations - Confirmations

Pachatusantrek requires the following information to proceed with your reservation and confirmation of your vacation. Please bear in mind that this information is strictly confidential; Pachatusantrek will not make it public, except in cases where this information is necesssary to safeguard your personal security and health (such as allergies, medications, medical treatments, dietary restrictions, etc)

Necessary Information:

  • Full Name (as it appears in your passport)
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Dietrary restrictions (alergies, vegetarians, special diets, restrictions)
  • Medicinal restrictions (please specify is you have a current medication or actual surgeries)
  • Allergies
  • Address, email, home phone number and emergency contact number

We will send a form to be completed with the above details.

Payment and Deposits

After making your reservation, Pachatusantrek will send you a reply with a confirmation of your trip, which guarantees that the services will be provided as requested.

We ask for an initial deposit of 30% of the total program price, after sending the confirmation. This deposit is non-refundable if you then cancel your trip. The balance of 70% must be paid 60 days before beginning the trip with us.

If reservations are made less than 60 days before the trip begins, Pachatusantrek will request that total payment for the trip be made at the time of receiving your confirmation.

We have different charge methods:

  • Visa (we will send you a link to make the online payment)
  • Mastercard (we request copy of your Passport and both sided of your Mastercard – legible)
  • American Express (we request copy of your Passport and both sided of your American Express – legible)
  • Pay pal
  • Bank deposit to Pachatusantrek account (please ask for further Information)
  • Money wire transfer through Western Union (please ask for further information)

Pachatusantrek WILL NOT assume the bank charges incurred in giros or deposits, they must be paid in the country of origen.


Pachatusantrek reserves the right to cancel any trip in the following cases:

  • If the client does not pay the total balance for their trip 60 days before their arrival, there is no refund of the deposit paid
  • Events beyond our control which make the operation of our tours impossible (strikes, protests, flight cancellation, climatic conditions, overbooking by hotels and airlines). In this situation we will suggest possible solutions and try to operate the planned program. Any extra costs incurred in this situation will not be covered by Pachatusantrek

If you cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing, bearing in mind that the deposit required at the time of confirmation is non-refundable. The cancellation must be sent in writing explaining the reason for the cancellation.

If you cancel your trip within 60 days of the date when your trip is due to begin, the following penalties apply:

  • Before the 60 days the deposit
  • From 60-31 days 50% of the cost of the trip
  • From 30-16 days 75% of the cost of the trip
  • From 15 days 100% of the cost of the trip

Service Included

Pachatusantrek includes the services detailed in each of its programs and it is committed to delivering them completely.

If your trip includes accommodation, breakfast is included (varying according to the standard of hotel). Prices for accommodation do not include the 19% tax applicable to Peruvian residents. You must show your passport and your original immigration card (given to you when you enter the country) when checking in to your hotel, or the tax may be added to your bill by the hotel.

We also ask to our guests (non resident in Peru) to give us a copy of their Passports and Immigration cards to complete the exemption of the 18% of the tax, which is applicable to the residents in Peru

Services Not Included

  • Airport tax (national and international)
  • National and international airline tickets not requested from Pachatusantrek
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Unplanned tours and activities
  • Alcoholic drinks, bottled water, rehydrating drinks
  • Food not mentioned in the program
  • Tips (optional) for staff
  • Laundry service
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra expenses incurred for reasons not related to Pachatusantrek operations

Insurance – Travel risks

Many of the treks offered by Pachatusantrek require good physical condition and good health: please read the instructions carefully for each program, including certain potential risks during the program (injury, accident, paralysis, death).

We must understand that these potential risks are part of this type of activity, which is why we suggest you take the necessary precautions when choosing your trek. You should be sure of your limitations and bear in mind your physical condition and general heath, as when participating in one of our treks you are accepting that the above mentioned risks do exist, and that Pachatusantrek is excluded from any responsibility related to the condition of each trekker.

For this reason we request that you always provide us with complete information concerning your physical condition, general health and medical and dietary conditions.

Pachatusantrek is committed to providing first-aid when necessary, as our guided are trained in first-aid and have the necessary equipment, but it is important to understand that it is only first-aid not medical treatment.

Our guides, together with the trekkers will decide when it is necessary to evacuate, which Pachatusantrek will organize in the best possible way to safeguard your physical wellbeing.

The expenses incurred by this evacuation, such as transport, extra accommodation, hospital bills, doctors fees, program changes, and extra expenses aside from the evacuation itself, will be covered soley and exclusively by the evacuated trekker.

Please complete the form about your physical and mental health completely and carefully, so that we can have the best possible information about you.

We recommend that you take out an insurance policy which covers accidents, damages, emergency evacuation, loss of baggage, itinerary changes, and missed connections. Ask about our offers.

Any extra costs resulting from changes or modification in the program due to external causes such as: flight delays and cancellations, sickness, delays because of bad weather, strikes, natural disasters, or any cause not related to our operations, will be covered by the visitor.

Pachatusantrek can provide the necessary documents for you to make a claim with your insurance company, when it is possible to obtain them from our service providers.


Pachatusantrek operates treks directly, with equipment and trained personnel to ensure their successful completion. We also subcontract accommodation, restaurants, airlines and other third party services, which have been previously approved as meeting the standards which Pachatusantrek aims to provide to our clients. However these service providers are independent, and Pachatusantrek does not have direct control over them.

Pachatusantrek can not be held responsible for any problems caused by these providers, such as loss of baggage, delays, damages etc, but it can intervene to support the clients.

Payment of the reservation of our program implies acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed and covers our services and all the participants in them.

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