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Tipon archaeological complex

Tipon archaeological complex

Inca structures at Pikillaqta

Inca structures at Pikillaqta

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Please ask the price for this service, the price per person depends on the group size.

Colonial mill in Tipon

Colonial mill in Tipon

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Private half day tour to Southern Valley

This is a half day tour which can be organized in two ways:
o Tours of Tipon and Pikillaqta
o Tours of Pikillaqta and Andahuaylillas

Located 20 Km (12.43 miles) to the south-east of the city of Cuzco (approximately 40 minutes), Tipon is a complex of agricultural terraces and stone water channels.
In the area we can find petroglyphs, fresh-water springs, a ceremonial fountain to worship water, terracing and symetrical water channels.
It seems that Tipon was a place dedicated to religious worship and agricultural experimentation.

The high-level of harmony achieved in the transportation of water through fine stone structures in the from of aqueducts, some of which are underground, or include small waterfalls, stands out above all.

Also known as the city of fleas, it is perhaps the best preinka city in the area. The complex is made up of the city of Pikillaqta itself together with 23 other complexes related because of their location and functionality. The Huacarpay lake is nearby, and we can enjoy the beautiful countryside surrounding it.
Pikillaqta was built during the height of the Wari culture 500 or 900 AD. This great urban and ceremonial center of almost 2km, was made up of a citadel surrounded by embankments and citywalls of almost 7m high. There are many store-rooms, qolqas or rooms to store grain in, and in nearly all the constructions small stones stuck together with mud were used.

This picturesque Andean town has one of the most beaufitul main plazas, surrounded by Pisonay and palm trees, it also houses the famous San Pedro de Andahuaylillas Church, known as the Sistine Chapel of America.
Built by the Jesuits at the end of the Sixteenth century and early Seventeenth century, it has paintings considered to be veritable works of art.

The impressive murals cover the walls and some of the ceiling, many of them feature flowers and geometrical figues.

We can appreciate areas with some remains of Inka constructions, in the front patio of the enclosure we find three sculpted crosses which represent the Trinity.

Services included

  • Private guide and transport
  • Partial Tourist ticket (entrance to Tipon and Pikillaqta)
  • Entrance to Andahuaylillas

Camping equipment for rent

  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Booking and information

Important Environmental Note

Pachatusantrek is committed to following the principles of ecotourism in our operations, and request the understanding and cooperation of trekkers, especially by not contaminating the waters and in the adequate disposal of non-biodegradable waste. We must also respect the customs and traditions of the local people.

“With the protection of mother earth and the permission of the apus …”

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  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru

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