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Please ask the price for this service, the price per person depends on the group size.

For experienced trekkers – Do it for yourselves

Pachatusantrek invites you to enjoy an incomparable adventure, in which you will feel the challenge of trekking for yourself; just with the company of your guide and the enthusiasm you have to expand your experience as a trekker.

You can bring your camping and trekking equipment (the lightest possible) or rent it here in the city of Cusco, where you can find all the necessary equipment to make our trek as success. If you are an experienced trekker, don’t miss this opportunity to take on a challenge in the Andes mountain range.

We offer you a guide for the trek; assistance before your trek such as the acclimatization process, equipment hire, supplies, informative talk and public or private transport. In this way we can assist you for your trip and/or stay in the city of Cusco.

We appreciate this adventure from a different perspective, where our determination will take us to places full of history and spectacular geography, which will take our breath away.

With appropriate strategy and planning, we can enjoy moments filled with emotion which few people have been able to enjoy, such as walking under the glow of a full moon or being greated by a beautiful sunrise while we are walking.

We will manage the itinerary to ensure you receive the maximum benefit and enjoyment for your efforts. Little by little we will be able to appreciate the wonders offered to us by the mountains of Cusco.

We will descend to the valleys where the roaring rivers run, to then reach heights which will allow us to appreciate how small we are in the world. And maybe we will also see a condor, messenger of the Apus. We will be in the warm valley to later cross freezing mountain passes. We will cross paths with high altitude farmers and their friendly flocks of llamas and alpacas. We will be witnesses to life in the Andes. All this under a sky reflected in high Andean lakes and under the timeless gaze of the mountains.

Contact us and together we will plan a fantastic adventure which we will remember for the rest of our lives.

“With the protection of Pachamama
and the permission of the Apus…….”

Booking and information

Important Environmental Note

Pachatusantrek is committed to following the principles of ecotourism in our operations, and request the understanding and cooperation of trekkers, especially by not contaminating the waters and in the adequate disposal of non-biodegradable waste. We must also respect the customs and traditions of the local people.

“With the protection of mother earth and the permission of the apus …”

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  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru

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