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Day 1: Cuzco – Tipon – Pachatusan – Tipon - Cuzco

Walk to the community of  Patabamba

Walk to the community of Patabamba

Stone water channel

Stone water channel


This trek is categorized as moderate – challenging, so it is always recommendable to be in good physical condition

Ceremonial fountain to worship water and terracing

Ceremonial fountain to worship water and terracing

Fixed Departure Dates

  • Daily departures
  • All the year
Terracing at Tipon

Terracing at Tipon

Pukara Ravine on the way to Patabamba community

Pukara Ravine on the way to Patabamba community

Full day Apu Pachatusan Trek

This trek offers us beautiful scenery, and a chance to appreciate how people make the best use of the different ecological levels which we will encounter, such as the quechua, suni and puna.

The Apu (Sacred Mountain) Pachatusan is one of the guardian mountains of the city of Cusco, situated to the east, land of the Antis. Its partner mountain is no less than the Apu Huancaure, known to be one of the first Inca settlements established when they arrived in the Cusco Valley.

This mountain has a very special profile which we can appreciate. We will also try to decipher the enigmatic archaeological site of Tipon, where a fresh water spring irrigates a ritual terrace complex; and we will see an impressive stone water channel flowing down the side of the mountain.

We can appreciate interesting petroglyphs, vestiges of an ancestral understanding of time and space, and another concept of the term Pacha.
Pachatusan comes from the terms in the Quechua language, Pacha which refers to time and space; and Tusay which literally means “to prop up”, or “support”. We can therefor speculate that its meaning is the first to support time and space (eternity).

Program itinerary

Day 1: Cuzco – Tipon – Pachatusan – Tipon - Cuzco

We leave the city of Cusco early, heading south, passing the town of Saylla, known as the place to go for pork chicharron, a favorite of Andean gastronomy. The next town is Huasao, famous as the land of the paqos or priests of the Andean religion. Some authors claim that it is located at the point where the powers of the Apus Ausangate and Salkantay meet, and for this reason the city of Cusco is also known as the "navel of the world"

We soon turn onto the dirt-track which will take us to the town of Tipon, famous for its “cuy chactado” (guinea-pig cooked between hot stones), another Andean gastronomical delight. We follow the valley up to the Hacienda, where we park and begin our walk.

We follow the valley, walking uphill, which takes us to the community of Patabamba, at the base of the Pachatusan mountain. At this point in the walk we can enjoy a view of cultivated fields, mostly growing corn. We can observe the tombs of the ancient inhabitants of the area in the mountain wall, on the other side of the valley. From the community of Patabamba, we appreciate the city wall which encloses Tipon. We will visit a complex of semi-circular terraces, where possibly a center for crop adaptation was developed, similar to the one at Moray.

We begin our walk uphill to arrive at the stone water channel, an example of the high level of hydraulic engineering achieved by the Incas. We continue downhill and find ourselves in a residential area for priests and also an Intiwatana (sun dial), from where we have a magnificent view of the valley.

We descend to the main complex of Tipon, where its petroglyphs, spring or water source, ceremonial fountain to worship water, its terraces and its symetrical water channels will leave us impressively surprised.

We will follow a stone Inca trail, which takes us to the Hacienda, where our private transport will pick us up. We can stop in the towns of Tipon and/or Saylla to try some typical Andean food.
Upon returning to the city of Cusco, we will be transferred to our respective hotels.

Meals: boxed lunch

4010 masl / 13156 ft

3134 masl / 10282 ft

5.50 km / 3.41 ml

6 hr

2017 - 2018 Prices - In American Dollars

Group Service - Price per Person

1234 - 10

Private Service - Price per Person


Services included

  • Private transportation Cuzco - Tipon
  • Guide service in Spanish / English
  • Box lunch
  • Entrance fee to Tipon
  • Private transportation Tipon – Cuzco

Services not included

  • Extra food
  • Optional tip for field staff
  • Extra costs
  • Evacuation costs

We recommend that you bring

  • Water-resistant trekking shoes
  • Light cloth for trekking
  • Polar fleece (including gloves and hat)
  • Waterproof clothing (poncho)
  • Water (2 lts. as minimum)
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Sun cream and insect repellent
  • Walking sticks
  • Personal nacks

Booking and information

Important Environmental Note

Pachatusantrek is committed to following the principles of ecotourism in our operations, and request the understanding and cooperation of trekkers, especially by not contaminating the waters and in the adequate disposal of non-biodegradable waste. We must also respect the customs and traditions of the local people.

“With the protection of mother earth and the permission of the apus …”

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  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru
  • Click to enlarge - Pachatusantrek - Cusco, Peru

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